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About Us

Love at First Inbox Message

The year was 2014. LaLa and Taryn had never met. LaLa had just married her husband, Dave, and Taryn was engaged to her now husband, Graham. Taryn reached out to LaLa via Facebook for advice on a wedding DJ. Well, one message turned to two, and two turned to twenty. Before they knew it, the girls were on their first friend date. They were both eating paleo, so they hit up The Works and went to the theatre to watch The Hunger Games. The rest, as they say, is history, and the odds were ever in their favour...

Babies Come

LaLa and Dave welcomed their first baby, Thomas Avery, in August 2017. Tom is growing into a fun, busy, (food) loving boy on his way into toddler-hood. 

Vivienne Rae made her way into the world in February 2018. Taryn and Graham have loved watching this little girl's contagious smiles, which grow especially big when food is coming her way.

Mixing Business & Pleasure

Vivi & Tom Inc. launched as a passion project for LaLa and Taryn in 2018. These mothers were looking to give their babies the very best food possible - aren't we all? However, they didn't want to spend hours each week looking for the perfect recipes, shopping around for the most wholesome ingredients, and cooking the day away in the kitchen. They knew they couldn't be the only ones feeling this way...

And Vivi & Tom was born.

Named after their children, Vivi & Tom aims to provide high-quality baby and toddler food within our communities. Whenever possible, our product will be created with a combination of local, seasonal, organic and nutrient-rich ingredients to promote optimal health in the most formative years of your child's life. 

LaLa is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and runs her own nutrition consulting business. She uses her nutrition expertise to formulate Vivi & Tom's superior baby and toddler food. LaLa looks forward to sharing her knowledge with customers in order to spread vibrant health. 

Taryn is a business professional who is dedicated to seeing children receive the most nutritious food available. She is passionate about helping parents and boasts a career in working with the public and serving others.

Oh, and let's not forget the stars of our show...

Meet Vivi & Tom!