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"The muffins were a HIT! Ate them all at once! I liked how convenient it was to just be able to pull something already pre-made right out of the freezer for a meal/snack. Was really helpful in those situations where I need something quick."

"The gummies she thoroughly enjoyed and would constantly be reaching for more. My favourite part about our Vivi & Tom experience was the fresh nutritious food delivered to my door! And the convenience of not having to plan a meal. I find we eat a lot of salads, which isn't practical for her, so this was nice to have some alternative meals that I knew were made with healthy natural ingredients and would support her development.

"He absolutely loved the muffins and squash, and that says a lot since he is such a picky eater! He kept asking for more! The products were prepared well, customer service was great and had variety and healthy options!"


"Lamb Liver & Pear Purée - he loved it. Kept grabbing for more, which surprised me because I thought the taste would be very strong. Salmon Purée - he loved it! Grabbing for his spoon and couldn't feed him fast enough. I love how nutritional the food is and the variety you are able to offer."



"Ate them all! [I loved] knowing that the food was of the best quality for my child."

"Definitely felt the personable service and appreciated the clear communication and list of ingredients that was included. I love supporting local small shops."